Burns and Scalds
Fire, hot objects, hot gases, electricity and overexposure to the sun can damage the skin and deeper tissues.
When talking about scalds we mean injuries through steam and boiling liquids.

Burns are catagorized by degrees according to the depth of penetration of the damage caused to the tissue.

1st degree burns The skin turns red, swellings, tenseness and pain.
2nd degree burns The skin turns red, blisters form, severe pain
3rd degree burns The burn either appears whiteish or is charred black. 3rd degree burns do not hurt
since the pain receptors are not affected. This is the reason why 2nd degree burns
are very painful.

Burns ...
the worst kind of injury

Immediately! Interrupt the flow of heat.
Cool the burned area immediately with cold water or even better with VESTA at least 20-30 minutes.
Important: About the deeply moving combustion often decide seconds!
Wounds should be covered with sterile blankets, clean cloths, or even better with VESTA.

Special rules:

Never remove clothing Do not pierce blisters.
Do not use household remedies like ointments, oil, flour, butter. etc. to coll the burnt area.

Important! Severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns, as well as slight burns on the face, on the joints and on private parts must be examined and treated by a doctor. Important
Burns caused by chemicals must be neutralized before use of VESTA.
VESTA conducts electricity, therefore, must be victims of electrical burns in front of the first-aid separate from the power source.


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