In hydrogel wound dressing impregnated and sterilized for first aid treatment of burns. Serves as a carrier foam or soft, lint-free viscose material. VESTASAN is the ideal product for the medicine cabinet.

VESTASAN is available in pharmacies, drugstores and specialty shops.

The dressing VESTASAN soothes with immediate application by physical cooling of the pain and stop the further combustion process. Additional tissue damage can be prevented.
VESTASAN does not stick to the burn.

Carefully put on a burn. With a non-absorbent dressing fix and embed.

The packaging is damaged, the association may not be used. In case of burns should always consult a doctor immediately.

Store at room temperature.

Aqua, Sorbitol, Sodium Carbomer, Parabenes, viscose non-woven material or foamed polyurethane foam (foam).

Our product range for first aid for burns

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